Ayleen López, MBA Hispanic Marketing

Hispanic Marketing ConsultantI am a Hispanic Marketing expert who can help you build your marketing strategies and all you need to make your business grow. Born in Puerto Rico, being bilingual (Spanish/English) has been a very important part of my success.

My marketing career started in 1997 when I joined the SONY Electronics marketing team. My passion for this field continues to grow and my creativity has deepened over the years. From Viacom Outdoor, Verizon Information Services, and MultiSystems, each based in Puerto Rico, my career path moved to Texas where I had the opportunity to work for Regalware, Easter Seals, and JC Penney. My experiences have included working with multicultural markets in the US, Mexico, the Caribbean, Central, and South America.

Now I am working from Taos, NM as a freelance Marketing Consultant. As a Hispanic Marketing expert, I can help you build your Hispanic Marketing programs with a full creation of marketing plans, business strategies, sales proposals, and the marketing services you need. I can create a complete range of marketing and sales tools to effectively connect with your clients and customers in English or Spanish.

I will study your marketing needs, resources, target market, and present you with a proposal tailored to your company’s needs and expectations. Find some samples of my bilingual marketing content at Ayleen López, MBA blog.

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