El Estado del Mercadeo Digital para el 2017

miglior sito per acquistare viagra generico 100 mg a Verona En el mundo moderno donde la información va a velicidad de la luz, los consultores de mercadeo digital tienen que poder incrementar ventas rápidamente, cambiar los métodos sin vacilación y reconocer los patrones de tráfico que tienen en frente para evitar retrasos y retrocesos. El juego en el 2017 va más allá de las maniobras […]

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Outreach Hispanics Using Digital Media

see According to a 2012 Nielsen report, “Hispanics are the fastest growing ethnic segment, expected to grow 167 percent from 2010 to 2050, compared to 42 percent for the US total population.” The report also found that Hispanics “will be the dominant and in many cases the only driver of domestic CPG sales growth.” The Hispanic […]

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FREE Publicity In Digital Media

prezzo viagra generico 200 mg pagamento online a Firenze According to Wikipedia, publicity is the movement of information with the effect of increasing public awareness of a subject. The first step is sharing your content with family and friends; they will help you spread the word at no cost. Then, take advantage of the opportunities available in traditional forms of media, such as TV, […]

Marketing Tactics Graphic

Learn How to Outline Your Marketing Tactics

can women use levitra Outlining your marketing tactics is key to the success of any marketing plan. First, you need to define your product or service goals. Begin by asking yourself who may need your product or service, what needs will be fulfilled, where you fit into the competitive landscape, and what are your main objectives. Then define your […]

Find New Customers with Remarketing

go site Learn how to find new qualified customers, increase ad relevancy, and obtain higher conversion rates with Remarketing. If you are wondering why you often see advertising from websites or apps that you recently visited, the answer is Remarketing. This strategy targets visitors who do not make a desired action or abandon a shopping cart. This […]

Google Authorship Benefits

cialis professional 20mg With Google Authorship you can build “Author Rank”, or a measure of your posting reputation, based on your content published on the web. Google analyzes your expertise with Google+ and Social Media sharing. The value of your content and quality can be measured in real time. Good quality content means high author rank and this […]

How Google Search Works

comprare viagra generico 25 mg a Verona Google search is the dominant search engine on the Internet, with more than 3 billion searches each day. It is very important to have your business information accurate in Google’s search engine. Google Search takes web pages information and translates them in to search results. Following is a summary of the Google search process with […]

Content Marketing Benefits

accutane side effects vagina Content marketing is the creation and sharing of media and information in order to acquire customers. The intention is communicate valuable information with customers and prospects. The content should provide information that consumers seek, is trustworthy, and is associated with your brand or business. Now consumers have the power to skip ads more than ever. They […]